Saturday, 18 September 2010

Version names brainstorming

Recently we had a brainstorming session in the office to find ubuntu-style version names for our product. Here's my list of suggestions:

Anemic Antelope
Blistering Barnacle
Crying Crocodile
Dubious Donkey
Emotive Elephant
Fiddling Fugu
Grumpy Giraffe
Hairy Haddock
Introvert Impala
Jolly Jellyfish
Kitschy Kitten
Lubricious Lama
Mystical Magpie
Nyctalopic Nautilus
Operatic Oppossum
Persistant Pinguin
Quantitative Quahog
Refreshing Rodent
Suspicious Salamander
Tickling Tiger
Ultramarine Unicorn
Voluptuous Vixen
Witty Wapiti
Xenomorphic Xenopus
Yummy Yeti
Zooming Zebu

Sometime, software engineering requires a bit of poetry :)

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