Saturday, 3 May 2014

Image::Magick with Perlbrew.

Image::Magick is great, but it's a pain to install if you are using perlbrew, or if your system's Image Magick library is out of date. After some googling I found that this was the best technique, but cpanm support is missing, making using Image::Magick very difficult to include in your application's dependencies.

So I wrote a perlbrew + cpanm compatible Image::Magick perl package.

Note that it still depends on your perl to be build to generate the shared library So give it a go and if your perl is not compatible, it should tell you what to do:

cpanm -v Alien::ImageMagick

Then use Image::Magick as usual. Your application will have to depend on Alien::ImageMagick, not Image::Magick.

Happy coding!