Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Do you speak Franglais?

If you want to sound more clever than you really are in a French company, it's a good idea to forget about speaking French correctly and start speaking 'Franglais' instead. Franglais, spoken with the appropriate French accent, is a very effective way to impress your colleagues and your manager (in Franglais: "ennepluswone"), giving them the feeling that you hold and MBA from Harvard although the last time you were involved with the anglo-saxon's business culture, it was at 'Wall Street institute, 26 Rue de Lyon Paris'.

So here's a quick list to get you started in Franglais:

Cible -> Target
Concours -> Contest
Premieres étapes -> Early Stage
Mis en favoris -> Bookmarké (Bookmarked in English, but the french would prononce 'Bookmark-aide')
Délocalisé -> Offshore
Processus -> Process (you save two letters!)
Commuté  -> Switché (Switched in English)
Appel groupé -> Confcall
Tarifs -> Pricing
Défi -> Challenge
Concentré -> Focusé
Plein Ecran -> Full Screen
Atelier -> Workshop
Externalisé -> Outsourcé
Mondial -> Worldwide
Sauvegardé -> Backupé
Feuille de route -> Roadmap
Fonctionnalité / Attribut -> Feature
Retransmis -> Forwardé
Date butoir -> Deadline
Incité -> Incentivé
Recommandations  -> Guidelines
Discussion -> Chat
Collègue -> Co-worker
Personalisé -> Customé (Customis - aide)
Invité -> Guest
Avertissement -> Warning
Contenu -> Content
Ordonnanceur -> Scheduler

Ps: Thanks to Michel Poulain for his 'Bingo du Franglais'